We create content that represents your brand

What can top-notch content writing services do for your brand? They make the difference between clients staying on your site, or bouncing off. 

Having quality content forms the foundation of effective marketing campaigns.

Having expert writers onboard simplifies communication between your company and potential leads. It personifies your brand, so customers can quickly identify your content and advertising before seeing the company logo. 

Having the right creative professionals on your team provides a consistent voice across all your sites. Do you want to learn more about how we can help your brand flourish? Keep reading to discover all the benefits.

There are few things Hippo Thinks can't do

There are many types of content, and each business has its requirements. Fortunately, our Hippo Thinks experts are creative and use ingenuity to adapt to your brand’s needs. 

Our writers come from all across the globe and have various backgrounds. How is this beneficial? Collectively, our team has a wealth of knowledge in diverse fields, along with years of experience in the content industry. 

So, what creative services does Hippo Thinks offer? 

Let’s take a close at some of the popular content we provide.

Blog posts

One of the most shared content forms, blog posts, is our team’s specialty. We carefully research your business, identify your brand voice and create the written tasks accordingly. We use the style, perspective, and tone that match your requirements, giving you consistency throughout your business. We need some basic information to get the creative juices flowing. 

All our content is professional, aiming to capture and retain attention from start to finish. Using our content writing services for your blogs saves you time and energy. If you need help with outlining your topics and coming up with catchy headers, we do that too. Blog posts attract potential leads and offer value to the viewers. A compelling section dedicated to these articles is an essential strategy for attracting traffic. If the reader finds the information on your site useful, they’re more likely to return. 

After a while, you foster trust and loyalty, increasing your chances of conversions. Our blogs also give newer businesses more exposure by increasing brand awareness and visibility. All these factors contribute to more traffic and engagement with the objective of conversions. Not all blogs remain evergreen; the last thing you want on your site is tired out-of-date content. Our experts can refresh these and make them current and relatable.

Product descriptions

There’s no denying how vital product pages are for generating conversions. Research shows that the description influences the decision to purchase for approximately 87% of consumers

This content form describes and pictures your product or service most attractively. 

The aim is to convince your lead to make a purchase. Our product descriptions don’t only highlight the benefits of your offering but also try to form an emotional connection with your client

They’re easy to read and informative. Relying on our content writing services for these descriptions offers the following advantages:

  • Improves SEO
  • Boosts organic traffic
  • Enhances the brand voice
  • Increases trustworthiness and loyalty
  • Leads to conversions

Landing pages

If there’s one place where exceptional content converts, it’s a landing page. Most of your digital campaigns direct leads here. It’s the first page potential clients see after engaging with an online marketing campaign. 

The benefit of a landing page is that the lead is already interested in your products, but to convert, they may need some persuasion. 

Our website content writing services know how to create what you need for this page. 

We keep it simple while intriguing the viewer and subtly encourage them to stay longer on your site and ultimately make a purchase.

SEO content

An essential element for your online presence is visibility. Quality SEO content improves this aspect and offers your clients value. Our experts constantly take search engine algorithms into account when performing these tasks. 

Factors like length, readability, formatting and linking are all within our scope. We also saturate keywords optimally and provide compelling tags and images. 

Combining these aspects with quality writing improves visibility, which boosts traffic, leads, and conversions

Quality SEO content allows you to earn your target audience’s trust by offering them valuable information while improving your search engine result placement.

Email marketing

Using email for advertising campaigns is a powerful strategy. It helps you stay in constant contact with potential customers in real-time. 

It’s a traditional online marketing method that’s almost as old as the internet but remains relevant. 

Clients engage with emails, and it’s an affordable method of delivering targeted messages while expanding brand awareness. 

Our expert marketers can enhance the quality of these campaigns by providing appealing emails that encourage the viewer to make a purchase. 

It doesn’t stop there

Where do online audiences consume the most content? While an accurate answer is debatable, social media is a top contender. We can help you create intriguing posts for all the various platforms, ensuring that your brand aligns with current trends. 

Establishing a firm footing for your brand might also require press release content which brings exposure and sales potential. Content forms announce events or exciting business developments, engaging the media and boosting traffic. 

They also improve public relations. Multiple content forms can boost your online presence and help you reach a larger audience. We can assist with any other specific project that doesn’t fall into these broad categories.

Unique content tailored to your needs

The content we create aligns with both our mission and values. Regardless of which brand we generate content for, we aim to stick to our commitments through fairness, honesty, and ingenuity. 

We give our expert writers the freedom of self-expression and individuality, and the result is impeccable content. By encouraging ingenuity, choice, and responsibility, the outcome is positive. 

Above all, Hippo Thinks strives to bring value to our clients. Our website content writing services believe in growth, and we adapt to accommodate you as your business expands. 

We aim to collaborate with businesses on the same wavelength and with similar ethics. For consistency with our values and to maintain integrity, here’s what we’re looking to avoid in our partnerships:

  • Micromanagement: It hinders the creativity and ingenuity of the writers.
  • Dishonesty: The foundation of a successful relationship is trust.
  • Lack of initiative: We put our best foot forward in all endeavours and look forward to the same from those we partner with.
  • Talking behind our backs: Open communication and integrity are essential for a healthy partnership.
  • Imbalance in relationship value: Mutual respect, collaboration and understanding are critical.
  • Working in the same niche: To avoid misunderstandings or conflicts of interest.
  • Limiting the partnership to specific countries: We employ a dynamic team of writers from around the globe who provide diverse expertize, knowledge, and creative excellence in their tasks.

Here at Hippo Thinks, we value people and want to collaborate with those who have integrity and principles that align with ours. Flexibility and ingenuity are at the heart of creative, quality content that can help propel your SEO to new heights. 

The Hippo Thinks mission statement clarifies it perfectly. We aim to ‘extract the best out of businesses and reveal and magnify their magic.’ Are you ready to take your brand to the next level with the best possible content? Reach out to our Hippo Thinks team today.