Conquering the Most Challenging Marketing Niches: 5 Toughest Content Marketing Niches to Master

The online world is abuzz with opportunities. The list of marketing niche options seems limitless. But are there topics that you should avoid when starting out? 

Like traditional brick-and-mortar industries, some online markets flood, and their profitability levels are low. Whether you’re a blogger, YouTuber or podcaster, there are just some topics that take time to make you money

What are these challenging marketing niches? 

There are several options in this category. Some might even surprise you. Keep reading to discover the five toughest online topics for content marketing. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Gambling and entertainment are difficult niches for content marketing because they attract younger audiences with low buying power and it’s not profitable to run ads or try to exploit affiliates in this industry.
  2. Payday loans and finance are challenging niches for content marketing because the competition is intense and giants in this corporate field dominate and have the capital to advertise and sponsor various events to expand their reach.
  3. Adult content is a challenging niche for content marketing because it’s associated with risks and has a negative reputation due to various scammers, spammers, and fraudulent sites.
  4. The “Your Money Your Life” niche is challenging because it’s already overly saturated and it takes a long time for new content marketers to gain traction or traffic.
  5. Many topics in the “Your Money Your Life” niche flourish with evergreen content that existing competitors already have, making it difficult for new competitors to establish credibility and trust from search engines and viewers.

Gambling and Entertainment 

Niche research suggests that most entertainment areas attract the attention of younger audiences with low buying power

Viewers can enjoy entertainment media in most cases without a third party’s advice or opinions. The downside is that it’s not profitable to run ads or try to exploit affiliates in this industry. 

If we niche down a bit more and concentrate solely on gambling, the monetization issue occurs for a different reason. The competition is intense. It’s a broad concept, and many in the business can afford expensive marketing campaigns. 

Throwing money into online articles boosts their rankings, making it challenging for new content marketers to make an impact.

There are also legal issues related to gambling in certain regions, which can be tricky to navigate. 

Slot machine displaying 'Bar, Bar, 7' on the wheels

Payday Loans and Finance

While the financial industry can produce a substantial income; it’s challenging for newcomers to break into it. Giants in this corporate field dominate and have the capital to advertise and sponsor various events to expand their reach. 

Some finance businesses also offer promotions that newcomers can’t compete with.

Even more specific niche market ideas like payday loans don’t show much monetization potential. 


In 2016, Google prohibited businesses offering payday loans from advertising in the SERPs. This ban has created a gap in the market that many seem eager to fill. 

Social media, blogs, and other digital marketers jumped at the opportunity to monetize this. The problem is that these types of posts struggle to rank. The industry is tainted by unscrupulous companies (perceived or otherwise), making it a risky endeavor for affiliate links. 

Close-up of a single dollar bill on a stack of dollar bills

Adult Content 

One of the oldest and most controversial marketing niches is adult content. While the industry is ever-growing, it’s not easy to get into. This field bases its advertising on a combination of visual and psychological tactics. They appeal to the buyer’s desire for instant gratification. 

One way newcomers can make their mark in this industry is by targeting regions with high demand. Concentrating on a sub-niche increases the chances of success.

One challenge in the adult content industry is that it’s associated with risks. Various scammers, spammers, and fraudulent sites give the niche a negative reputation. There are also very few regulations to curb these cyber issues.

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Your Money Your Life 

This broad niche covers a variety of subcategories, but topics in this industry are already overly saturated. 

But what is a “your money your life” (YMYL) niche?

Simply put, it refers to subjects that can affect your finances, health, happiness, or safety. Topics like cannabis, lifestyle, side hustles, and fitness all fall within this niche content. 

These industries are highly competitive, and it takes a long time for new content marketers to gain traction or traffic. Ranking in flooded fields is particularly challenging. Popular sites have capital and backlinking partners that keep them ahead in the game. 

Sites that have been around longer have credibility and trust from search engines and viewers. Many have already established a loyal customer base, and it can be tricky to poach these audiences.

Many topics in this category flourish with evergreen content, which existing competitors already have. 

Another issue is that these marketers already have what it takes to satisfy google algorithms. If you’re starting in the industry, it will take time to establish a trustworthy reputation. 

The advertising campaigns of more prominent online names are more likely to get a response than an unknown blogger

There are specific tools that can help you find your footing in these industries, but it takes time and hard work. 

Close-up of a row of metal dumbbells symbolizing the challenging nature of the gambling market niche


The number of people creating content for this marketing niche is constantly increasing. It’s a topic that stays popular. 

There are multiple perspectives to take in this field. Common ones include:

  • Food for specific dietary requirements
  • Health foods
  • Desserts
  • Traditional meals of a particular region
  • Dieting trends 
  • Quick dinners 
  • Kid-friendly snacks

Marketers often use strategies to get their content noticed. These come in the form of

  • Recipe videos and blogs
  • Learning how to cook articles
  • Kitchen equipment reviews

Hopeful marketers pack the industry, but many struggle to get the SEO ranking they need. This saturation makes monetization in this field challenging.

Close up of a wok and stove representing the challenges of content marketing for food

Tips for Tough Topics 

So, how do you get into tough marketing niches successfully? It takes hard work and patience for the most part. But, a few industry secrets can help you get ahead. 

Saturated industries often have a high demand. Boost your chances of ranking success by making your niche choice ultra-specific. Subcategories make it easier to lower the competitive rate. 

Focus on quality. Let your content speak volumes. Offer information that provides your audience with solutions to their issues. Ensure that the readers extract value from your marketing strategies. 

Over time, expand your online presence using grassroots marketing or other cost-effective campaigns. Build trust with personal communication and reliable information. Once your credibility increases, so will your rankings. 

Know Your Niches 

Marketing online is a popular business model. Many people select a niche based on their passions, expertise, and experience. 

Sometimes these industries have major competitors that make it challenging for new startups to get a foot in the door. Fortunately, where there’s a will, you can create a way. 

The biggest issue is search engine rankings. The best way to overcome this is with rock-solid content. Check that what you offer meets all the requirements search engines recognize and constantly improve what you offer. 

Alternatively, outsource the task to content experts. That removes the responsibility of perfecting SEO, allowing you to focus on other monetization aspects. Contact Hippo Thinks today to see how our team can boost your online visibility.

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