Content Marketing History: Who Did It Best?

100 Years of Content Marketing History

As the saying goes, “Those who don’t remember the past are bound to repeat it”. When it comes to content marketing, history can tell you a lot about what the future may hold.
Exploring the past can help you spot new trends quicker while showing you what works and what doesn’t. Investigating your predecessor’s strategies gives you a more comprehensive understanding of how content marketing has and will evolve.
Ready to discover the history of content marketing?
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6 Finance Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

6 Biggest Mistakes in Finance Content Marketing 

Ensuring that your finance content marketing campaigns reach the right audience can require significant efforts if not done right. Content marketing is an effective strategy to convey your brand values and increase awareness. We’ve seen considerable success in various industries through carefully planned campaigns. So why do companies in the finance sector have such trouble getting the most out of their advertising?

The Most Challenging Marketing Niches

5 Toughest Content Marketing Niches

The online world is abuzz with opportunities. The list of marketing niche options seems limitless. But are there topics that you should steer clear of? Like traditional brick-and-mortar industries, some online markets flood and their profitability levels are low. Whether you're a blogger, YouTuber or podcaster, there are just some topics that take time to make you any money. What are these challenging niches? 

Discover the importance of a brand voice

Finding Your Brand Voice and Why It's Important

Has your business established a clear brand voice? While it's easy to overlook, this aspect forms a critical part of your marketing campaigns and brand awareness. The value of this tool is even higher now that most advertising takes place online. The concept isn't new. It dates back several decades. Many years ago, firms used radio jingles to get their audience's attention. It helps establish the voice and tone of their business. Presently, video content and online blogs dominate the crowded marketing space, and it's essential to make your brand stand out. Are you ready to discover more?
Let's dive right in by defining this concept.

7 Content Marketing Strategy Mistakes

Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Are you prepared to throw your current content marketing strategy in the bin and start over fresh? It’s a task that any business shudders at the thought of, but it just might turn the tides in your favour. Most companies waste money and time believing more is better, failing to engage and actually help their audience. Instead of following their lead, wouldn’t you rather learn from their mistakes? Here we look at the potential challenges your business is facing and why you’re not hitting your goals. You’ll also find ways to correct these issues in your strategy, climbing those SERPs in the process.
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A Comprehensive Guide to Brand Conversion

Brand Conversion: What the Heck is it?

Are you trying to turn more prospects into customers? Focus on brand conversion. It’s a proven strategy with one overarching principle: connections drive conversions. This approach can help you: 

  • Spot and solve issues
  • Gauge consumer interactions with your business 
  • Improve efficiency and sales

But what the heck does this marketing strategy entail, and how can it help you grow? Let’s find out.

Discover How To Build Your Brand

10 Ways to Establish Your Brand Using Content  

You've done the hard work and started your business, but how do you build a brand? One of the most effective ways to get your business noticed is through content and related marketing strategies. Want to learn how? Creating a digital presence is essential for growing your business and extending its reach. That's where top-notch content comes in. Use this tool to spread your brand's message and implement various tactics to optimise it. Wondering where to start? A brainstorming session is usually a significant first step. Decide what your brand identity, voice, and values are, and then assess who your ideal clients are. This initial task makes it easier to implement appropriate content. Are you ready to learn how to build your brand?

The 4 Principles of Elon Musk’s PR Strategy

How to Use Elon Musk’s PR Strategy to Your Advantage

Can you imagine how successful your business would be if it got as much media coverage as Elon Musk? Over the last decade, this entrepreneur and engineering mastermind has created some of the biggest companies in the world. He's gone from almost filing for bankruptcy to being one of our time's most influential thought leaders. What’s more, Musk has built all his wealth with much less advertising than you’d expect. You could even say he’s thrown the traditional marketing model out the window, creating an empire in the process. So why aren’t other businesses flocking to adopt his PR strategy to form their own success? Here we investigate who runs the marketing for these multi-billion dollar companies and the principles you should adopt. Let’s get started.

How to Declutter Your Website and Content 

Get Ready to Declutter Your Website

When was the last time you attempted to declutter your website? It’s a chore no business owner wants to do, but a necessary one. Leaving old content to pile up will negatively affect your brand’s image, throwing a massive spanner into your lead-generating machine. Besides, people prefer minimalism and negative space in today’s market to a wall of text and pictures. It ensures they’re not overwhelmed, find information easily, and have a positive experience. How do you remove clutter from your website, freshening things up without damaging your SEO? Here we investigate the principles of decluttering and how you can adapt them to improve your website and content. Let’s dig in.

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