Is AI the Future for Content Marketing?


Artificial intelligence is creeping into the world of technology more and more. When it comes to marketing, many businesses are opting to use AI for content creation.

How can AI contribute to marketing success? Is there a danger it may completely replace everyday writers?

You’ll find out the answers to these questions here. Before diving into how it can benefit future content creation, let’s first answer the question, ‘What is AI’?

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Key Takeaways

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prevalent in technology and marketing, with businesses using AI for content creation.
  2. AI allows machines to perform human-like activities, combining large datasets and computer science to replicate our minds and perform mental tasks.
  3. AI can contribute to marketing success in several ways, including predictive analytics, better advertising, SEO optimization, increased social media performance, and better customer service.
  4. AI can empower writers and marketers to help them achieve their goals and enhance creativity and content delivery, making them valuable tools for business owners.
  5. AI will likely not replace writers or marketers, but rather help them by doing the ‘grunt work’ of the article, allowing writers to fine-tune and make the content ‘client ready.’
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What is Artificial Intelligence?

No doubt you’ve heard the term artificial intelligence (AI) pop up in various dystopian sci-fi movies. But what does it mean?

Imagine creating an advanced computer that can replicate our minds and perform many mental tasks.

AI allows machines to perform human-like activities. In tech jargon, it combines large datasets and computer science. 

It’s opposite to the natural intelligence that animals and humans display. Developing computers with this type of brain power offers many advantages to society. 

One of the significant benefits for businesses is using AI for content creation. So, can it power the future of marketing? Let’s find out. 

5 Ways AI Will Power The Future of Marketing

Statista projects that world data content creation will grow to over 180 zettabytes by 2025. It’s an impressive figure, and AI plays a significant role in this upwards trend.

Let’s jump in and discover five ways artificial intelligence can contribute to the future of content marketing.

1. Predictive Analytics

Superior AI machines can analyse large volumes of data using algorithms for optimisation.

These technologies will learn over time through optimisation and be able to predict and improve content results.

AI-powered analytics can drive your marketing success. Here are some ways it can aid your business:

  • It determines if there are any technical issues within your website and informs you of what’s performing well.
  • It can understand and tell you about customer disengagement.
  • Artificial intelligence helps you to find the right consumers by enhancing your lead scoring process.
  • It obtains vital information on your marketing competitors.
  • AI aids you in predicting consumer purchasing behaviours and product patterns.

Overall, the main uses are data unification, predictions and discovering the insight of consumers. There are more uses for AI in predictive analytics in the future of content marketing

2. Better Advertising for Your Brand

AI enhances your advertising efforts because it knows precisely what your customer wants. It can also highlight trends and offer consumer insights.

The best artificial intelligence software can create ads and headers in your unique marketing tone and language.

It can personalise adverts and change them to cater to specific customers. AI can also create music, texts and images based on an audience’s preference.

Artificial intelligence can help you discover unused advertising channels. It optimises your budget, targeting and ad delivery, helping to increase your brand awareness.

3. SEO Optimisation

AI has a remarkable capacity to process data and retrieve valuable insights. When it comes to content creation, it can significantly speed up the process by analysing consumer data. 

Artificial intelligence helps offer you content and insight, improving your online ranking.

It highlights user behaviours and patterns and identifies essential keywords for your business.

Some advanced AI tools can measure keyword search volumes and other metrics to help you achieve SEO goals. It delivers accurate results and generates new topics.

Artificial intelligence voice-driven software is also on the rise. The number of voice searches is increasing, with many leading to transactional intent, benefiting businesses with solid SEO.

4. Increased Social Media Performance

Most marketers seek to use AI for content creation to increase awareness of their brands on social media platforms. Another goal is to direct more traffic to specific landing pages. 

It’s no secret that businesses rely on consumer demographics for creating hands-on social media content.

MarketsandMarkets predicts that artificial intelligence in these platforms will be worth over £2 billion in 2023. 

AI-powered tools can go beyond customer demographics by analysing people’s sentiments, preferences and behaviours. 

Marketers can harness this vital information to fine-tune their social media campaigns for improved user engagement

5. Better Customer Service

Another benefit for the future of AI in content marketing is better customer service.

Have you ever tried to contact an online website provider as a consumer to raise an issue or query? If so, you’ve probably experienced an encounter with a chatbot.

Many businesses have dedicated hours for online customer service team contact. Chatbots are a form of artificial intelligence working 24/7 to help website visitors.

Over 40% of internet users prefer chatting with artificial intelligence bots rather than virtual agents. They help boost consumer service scores for business brands. 

AI improves your service’s credibility and increases visitor engagement. It can help guide interactions and create real-time decisions based on your site traffic.

Will AI Replace Writers?

If the future of AI in content marketing is inevitable, what does that mean for writers? Is artificial intelligence going to replace them all?

This question has received a lot of recent speculation. From a positive standpoint, artificial intelligence can empower writers more efficiently to help them achieve their goals.

It helps make writing more fluent and intuitive while opening more opportunities for creators. It can eradicate the dreaded ‘writer’s block’ and fix grammatical issues, thus saving time.

So what will happen to the writer?

Most likely, what will eventuate is the AI will do the ‘grunt work’ of the article, and the ‘writer’ will morph into more of an ‘editor’. Their task will be to fine-tune and make ‘client ready’ what the AI has churned out.

Automatons probably aren’t going to take jobs from writers or marketers. They enhance creativity and content delivery, making them valuable tools for business owners.

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AI: The Time is Now

Many futuristic films portray AI in a negative light. For example, Skynet launched weapons on the world in the Terminator movies, and machines controlled humans in the Matrix.

Artificial intelligence is also controversial in the tech community, with many fearing it will create job losses. However, in the marketing world, it has a promising future.

Artificial intelligence has many benefits for people, especially in content creation. It’s a time-saver for businesses and boosts customer satisfaction levels

If you want to increase your content efficiency, the time is now. Using AI for content creation is the future, and it can make your brand hipper than a hippopotamus. Are you keen to know more about whether AI can assist with your marketing strategy? Contact our team for the latest insights.


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