Hippo Thinks | Our Team
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Why Hippo? When we were at the initial stages of our start-up, we read a story about St. Augustine of Hippo who, the story goes, was prompted to Christian conversion by a childlike voice instructing him to “take up and read” (in Latin: Tolle, lege).


While Hippo Reads is a strictly secular organization, we share St. Augustine’s devotion to the written word and the necessity of reading a variety of texts as a critical and mind-expanding necessity. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that hippos themselves are both adorable and ferocious creatures capable of stealth attacks — kind of like knowledge.


Kaitlin Solimine and Anna Redmond


Founders and academia enthusiasts Kaitlin Solimine and Anna Redmond have a passion for harnessing the power of academic knowledge to enhance your industry presence with content that’s sharper and smarter. Specializing in complex and influential story-telling, they promise that Hippo Reads will exceed expectations and provide a successful partnership every step of the way.


Kaitlin’s favorite academic read: I’ve got a soft spot for modern philosophy, which is why I keep works by Jacques Derrida and Judith Butler on nearby shelves. I also love discourse that straddles disciplines, like Trinh Minh Ha’s Woman, Native, Other.


Kaitlin’s top-secret specialty: Can sing fluently in Mandarin Chinese.


Anna’s favorite academic read: The Theory of Scientific Revolutions—does a great job of exposing the social undercurrents behind scientific breakthroughs.


Daniel Lin

Head of Operations

Daniel hunts for business efficiency-gains so that our mastermind content strategists can get back to turning our client-partners into thought leaders.


Favorite academic read: Freakonomics by Stephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt.


Top-secret specialty: Kitchen experiments involving fruit sushi.


Colleen Abel

Head of Academic Outreach

Colleen currently curates Hippo’s digital magazine, and is in charge of growing Hippo’s network of academic contributors.


Favorite academic read: Anything by Mary Beard!


Top-secret specialty: Can tell the difference between an iamb, a spondee, and a trochee in under three seconds.


Caroline Casper

Content Strategist

Caroline specializes in creative content development and storytelling for business leaders/clients, content marketing, and revenue growth for the company. She has an MA in Journalism, an MFA in Creative Writing, and teaches Creative Writing at the University of San Francisco.


Favorite academic read: The Art of Subtext by Charles Baxter.


Top-secret specialty: A zombie impression that is too scary for my nieces.


Richelle South

Content Strategist—APAC

Richelle has a knack for providing thought leaders with content solutions for richer marketing strategies, thereby creating a more diverse, rich, and engaged audience.


Favorite academic read: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.


Top-secret specialty: I am fluent in ASL, and was once a professional dancer.


Edward Ong

Venture Partner

Ed leads the Hippo Fund, the strategic investment arm of Hippo Thinks, to identify and evaluate high-potential startups for innovative investment opportunities that give our portfolio companies the voice and opportunity to significantly push their businesses forward.


Favorite academic read: Why Stories Matter for Children’s Learning by Peggy Albers.


Top-secret specialty: Yard sale flips.


Nathalie Lagerfeld

Executive Editor

An experienced editor, Nathalie refines and optimizes Hippo’s content services to better serve client needs.


Favorite academic read: The Art of Cruelty by Maggie Nelson.


Top-secret specialty: When I’m not working for Hippo, I write a weekly film newsletter.


Tori Telfer


Tori manages Hippo’s teams of writers and researchers to create top-notch, compelling content for our clients.


Favorite academic read: 2666 by Roberto Bolaño. What a trip.


Top-secret specialty: Researching female serial killers and/or finding $1 jeans at thrift stores (okay, it happened once).