The secret weapon of Hippo Thinks is our network of academic experts. When companies come to us to put together a crack team of writers and researchers, we’re able to tap into our large network to match their research needs with some of the most knowledgeable people in the world.

Who Are Our Experts?

Our Experts are people who have devoted their careers to do research in a given field. They have, or are earning, advanced – often terminal – degrees in their discipline and are either currently affiliated with an academic institution or are doing in-dept research in their industry. Many are the authors of scholarly publications and articles. Some are professors at Ivy League institutions, or hold prestigious postdoctoral fellowships.

Our network contains researchers in all specialities. Past projects have called upon experts in the following industries:



Education Technology


Global Health Policy







…and many others

Hippo Reads

Our sister site, Hippo Reads, features our experts’ research and writing, so you can see the wide range of their insights and innovations. Or, to see some of the pieces they’ve worked on with us, check out Selected Publications.